Arizona Archery Bull Elk Hunt 2014

Come along with first time archery hunter Ben Nielsen and HPO on an Arizona elk hunt. Watch over the shoulder video of bull after bull getting called into archery range. Feel the relief of…


October 15 2014 My daughter and I hunting for a cow elk. We found several scattered out through the sage brush hills. We were able to sneak to within 80 yards and Jen made two perfect heart…

Cow Calling a Bull Elk presents a short video on cow calling a young bull elk to keep him interested and curious. Filmed in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

2013 cow elk kill shot

got this cow with 5 minutes of light left on the last night of the hunt.

Archery Elk Hunt GIANT 395″ Bull – MossBack

Subscribe for new videos every Monday and Thursday: After getting up close with several bulls, Kurt Erickson kills his first bull elk. The giant bull scores a whopping…

Barking cow elk

Barking cow elk.

Colorado Elk Rifle Hunting: Bull harvested!

Join the Rocky Mountain Meat Hunter(Todd Toven) as he visits the high country once again, in search of elk meat. Bad weather and equipment failure stood in t…

Late Season Cow Elk Hunt

This was a late season cow elk hunt. We were 4 for 4 on elk in one day!

SCI top 10 Record Bull Elk

476 inch elk, was at the time, the #6 world record. Taken with an original Sharps 1874 sporting rifle (.45-.70), iron sites at 204 yards. (all original excep…


This was the craziest archery elk hunt I had ever been on. It’s not too often that you get a second chance on a bull elk like this one! Idaho Archery Elk Hunt…