15 Yard Elk Shot

How to call Cow Elk with Wayne Carlton

How to call Cow Elk with Wayne Carlton.

Hero Kill Shot on Monster Bull Elk at 925 Yards – Long Range Hunting

Mike Davidson finds the perfect prone shooting position on a large Utah elk, but it’s at 925 yards! With a Gunwerks rifle and zero wind, confidence is high.

Bow Cow Elk Hunt Archery

Cow elk hunt at Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico high country. Cow was taken by bow at 44 yards – great guide and friend Chad Markert put us on her!

Stupid People Surround Huge Bull Elk in Yellowstone

Despite all the warnings posted throughout the park, many people in Yellowstone National Park are just plain stupid. This video was recorded during the summer of 2010. I watched as a group…

Kasandra Cow elk 688yds.mp4

Kassandra kills her first elk at 688 yds after following a large herd for hours. Rifle was a 243 Winchester shooting the 105 VLD.


Cow Elk Hunt (Revamped)

High Desert Hooked drew a New Mexico Cow Elk hunt in Ruidoso.

Screaming Bulls Elk Rut 2012

Bull Elk Rutting Behavior.

#8 Cow Elk Hunting Techniques by ElkNut Outdoor Productions

The second clip from Calling All Cows, Bugling Bulls and Beyond Vol 3. We’ve tried these calls with amazing results. Even cows that may have seen you (but not smelled you) come back to these…