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A Few Tips on Moose Hunting

A Few Tips on Moose Hunting A moose is a member of the deer family which is found in the arctic regions of North America and Europe. The moose is also known as the eastern elk in Europe. Many countries have legalised moose hunting. There also talks that they have been legalised because of their […]

More Yellowstone Wolves Leak into Idaho

More Yellowstone Wolves Leak into Idaho Ed Bangs is coordinator for wolf recovery for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. This is what he said about current wolf populations around and in Yellowstone National Park: I’m eating crow. I never though we’d get that high. I don’t know why Ed Bangs is surprised at […]

A Close Call With A Cougar

A Close Call With A Cougar I was looking for a place to put up my tree stand because the Deer and Elk bow season would soon be open. I was standing at the edge of a small green meadow where it was pretty narrow, about 50ft wide when a full grown Cougar stepped out […]

Getting Familiar With Archery and Bowhunting

Getting Familiar With Archery and Bowhunting Back in the old times, archery was only used primarily to combat enemies. There are a lot of interesting reads about this ancient art of hitting the target with a set of bow and arrow. If you are hooked into learning all about it, you can actually dig through […]

Elk Hunting Tips

Elk Hunting Tips The United States does not offer the wide array of big game hunting that other lesser developed countries have. However, there are still a few larger animals plentiful enough to hunt on this continent. Elk is good example of one of these types of large mammal that is domestic to the contiguous […]

5 Great Romantic Gift Ideas

5 Great Romantic Gift Ideas It can be very challenging for a man to come up with romantic gift ideas for his sweetheart. This is especially true if he doesn’t feel very creative, or doesn’t have a ton of money to spend. However, to a woman, receiving romantic gifts are important to help maintain the […]

Hiking With Children

Hiking With Children Do you remember how your heart raced as you gazed on your first moose? Can you recollect the first time the haunting call of a Sandhill Crane resonated on the chords of your emotions? Is the picture of the graceful Trumpeter Swan still imprinted on your mind? Many of us who have […]