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Hunting Mule Deer in Evergreens

Hunting Mule Deer in Evergreens Evergreen forests grow everywhere in the West. They might be ponderosa pine forests, thick lodgepole pine forests, or high-country forests of fir and spruce. In most cases, food is scarce and deer must leave the safety of the forest to browse outside. Access to the high country is often limited, […]

A Motorcycle Journey in Yellowstone National Park

A Motorcycle Journey in Yellowstone National Park After getting some essentials for our campsite in Yellowstone National Park from the Visitors center, we loaded up the ‘extras’ and saddled up to find our campsite. We arrived at our site, and it was nearly perfect. We had a fire ring near the center of our site […]

How to Find and Stalk Elk

How to Find and Stalk Elk Elk harvesting has become increasingly popular. It is a fun, exciting and challenging sport. Tracking and harvesting a 1000 animal can be, well, exhilarating. New hunters often use bugle calls to attract elk. However, more and more, older bulls are not coming to bugle calls but instead are running […]

Western Elk Hunting (Research)2

Western Elk Hunting (Research) Drawing an Elk tag east of the Mississippi is a real long shot. In the sport of archery elk hunting you need to take every advantage possible to getting the license that is required. In my state of Michigan, and in many other states such as; Arkansas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania your […]

Four Essentials of Elk Antler Shed Hunting

Four Essentials of Elk Antler Shed Hunting Every spring thousands of outdoor enthusiasts head into the mountains in search of bull elk antler sheds. Most folks pick up 2 or 3 every season after spending hours combing the forest and mountains for sheds. I have lived in the eastern White Mountains of Arizona since the […]

Stay Out of That Old Mine

Stay Out of That Old Mine! It seems like the most adventurous thing in the world. That dark opening in the hillside beckons, tantalizes, excites. What wondrous treasures await discovery inside? What artifacts might remain in this time capsule, mute testimony to an era when grizzled men moved tons of rock in pursuit of their […]

Elk Meat Recipes

Elk Meat Recipes Imagine the woods at five o’clock in the morning. The sun has yet to rise above the horizon and there is a slight chilly bite in the air. A hunter has been tracking wild elk for a couple days and now waits down wind and in a tree with rifle in hand. […]