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Scouting & Deer Hunting Throughout the Ages & Lands

Scouting & Deer Hunting Throughout the Ages & Lands Hunting inside morning is an early-morning ritual than several fathers and sons have practiced for millennia. Regardless of whether hunting huge game around the land bridge with the Bering Strait, more than into Beringia, Native American hunting expedition for the eve of a sacred moon inside […]

Extreme Elk Hunting In Todays World

Elk hunting is particularly attractive, but pig, deer, turkey, and bear hunts are common. Elk hunting is usually done in very rugged country, and the less a hunter carries, the better they will hunt. Elk hunting is done out of our base camp from elevations of 7800 feet to over 10,000 feet. Elk hunting is […]

Antelope Hunting in the Medicine Bow Region of Wyoming

Antelope Hunting in the Medicine Bow Region of Wyoming I’ve been hunting in this region for approximately five years. In fact I’ve never hunted anywhere else. I grew up as a city kid in the Pacific Northwest, and even though I had friends in high school who would disappear to hunt, I never took the […]

Elk Population Facts and Statistics For the United States1

Elk Population Facts and Statistics For the United States The elk population in the United States today is well over 1,000,000 animals, with the population growing fairly steadily since a population count was made in 1975, at which time the estimated population was just over 500,000. Even though a population count taken every five years […]

Protection Symbols in Magic

Protection Symbols in Magic Acorns, Elk, Earth Squares, and More When it comes to magical protection symbols the variety is endless, depending on the magical or shamanic tradition with which you work. For instance, according to the Druids, the symbol of an acorn is said to bring protection into a Druidic symbol. Certain Native American […]

Elk Hunting

Elk Hunting Elk hunting is enjoyable hobby and sport for millions of American. Most hunters know that hunting is more then simply luck. Skill has to a lot to do with how successful a hunter is. Successful hunters know an animal’s habits during the various times of the year. Along with an Elk’s habits, you […]

Elk Hunting Tips2

Elk Hunting Tips Despite being one of the largest game animals around, elk are rarely clumsy or careless, sometimes making them the complete opposite of the hunters that go after them. The most successful elk hunters have careful, planned hunts, aiming to take advantage of an elk’s behaviors to take home an elk. One of […]

New to Hunting

New to Hunting? OK, so if you are new to this grand sport, what is your first question going to be? Well A good place to start is with the bow. There is a mass of high quality bows out there, the more popular bows are called stick bows, there are also recurve bows and […]