5 Great Romantic Gift Ideas

5 Great Romantic Gift Ideas

It can be very challenging for a man to come up with romantic gift ideas for his sweetheart. This is especially true if he doesn’t feel very creative, or doesn’t have a ton of money to spend. However, to a woman, receiving romantic gifts are important to help maintain the fires of romance. But, where can you find the best romantic gift ideas? If you use a little creativity you can find many gifts that are very reasonable and can allow you to enjoy other things together besides the gift you just bought her. So, considering what your sweetie values and treasures the most is critical when thinking about romantic gift ideas for her. If you do that, you are sure to strike the right note whenever you buy them a romantic gift. Consider the following:

1. One great romantic gift idea is making a scrapbook or photo album. People love to take pictures of the family at special events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, vacations, or special trips. Making a photo album or scrapbook with those pictures would be a great way to remember those happy times and help bring back some of those sentimental feelings. Using a theme is a critical element in whatever type of pictures you put together. Find pictures that relate to the theme, such as vacation trip. Use lots of pictures of the actual scenery of the place that you visited. Maybe include a post card, some travel brochures as part of your layout. Maybe even put in those little umbrellas that you used to drink out of the glass when you sat on the beach basking in the sun. Man…those were the best of times.

2. Another great romantic gift idea is to make a gift basket filled with lots of yummy things for your sweetie to eat. My wife saves every basket that she has ever received. It is so easy for me to make one for her. I just bake her favorite treats like cookies, muffins, or whatever delights her palate (maybe even throw in a bottle a wine). Add in a blanket to spread on your living room floor, or to go on the grass at your favorite local park. Add in her favorite CD to play at just the right moment…and…you are doing great my friend! By the way, not every gift basket needs to be food either. Most women would LOVE a bath and body basket. Candle baskets are very popular with women too!

3. A more creative romantic gift idea would be to create you own CD for your sweetie online. You can compile a whole bunch of their favorite songs. You can even write a little bit about each song describing how the song reminds you of your lover. Another cool thing you can do is to actually create a cover for your CD. Find a picture of something that your sweetheart loves, or of a place where you two visited together.

4. Buying your sweetheart flowers is another great romantic gift idea. Many florists charge a premium for arranging, packaging, and delivering flowers. Why not do a little research online about floral arranging and do it yourself. Stop by your local arts and crafts store and buy some ribbon, bows, and whatever else that might spruce a floral arrangement. If you don’t feel that creative, or have the time, many florists have cash and carry flowers.

5. Taking a trip to a State Park or even to a National Park is a great romantic gift idea. Many parks entrance fees are under $10.00 dollars. Laura and I went to the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado while on vacation and it was breathe taking. We didn’t have a great camera, but her brother had an awesome camera that took fabulous photos that we will treasure for a lifetime. We took a hike on a couple of trails that were not too hard, but fun. We had lots of incredible pictures of the landscape and animals, such as elk and foxes, and of our family. Sure we didn’t get to go off by ourselves because we had the kids with us, but we sure created a lot of romantic feelings on that trip.

Coming up with ideas for giving romantic gifts to your sweetie can be a real challenge for most men. However, you don’t have to be super creative. You just have to create special moments, or recreate special memories that you have shared together. And, if you take your time and really think about what she values and is important to her, you will have given her something that she will treasure a very long time.