Are You the One to Hunt With a Recurve

´╗┐Are You the One to Hunt With a Recurve?

This is the spot you scouted all summer, the pay out is close at hand. You have spent the last five hours in the stand, cramping your nerves along with the muscles. The wind comes off the slight snow floor bringing the cold of winter. The Aspen trees are still shedding the last of their dry leaves. All around you fades as the brush crashes thirty yards in front of you. The wind no longer matters, the cramps are gone, every thing comes down to this moment of time, there he is. The master of his domain, strong and powerful, challenging every thing around him. You breath slowly as you sight in on the trophy, bull elk, all the confidence in your skill and recurve, waiting for the moment to release the arrow

This epic battle has been going on since the dawn of time, man pitting his strength and cunning on the hunt. Your weapon of choice, the recurve bow. You looked at the compound bow, yet the fit was not right. The long bow was not your style. The elegant shape of the recurve caught your eye and stayed there. Some thing about it spoke to the hunter inside, no longer satisfied with your rifle, calling you back to the basic hunt, man against beast. The experience of learning your weapon, shot after shot, focused on the target, plays through your mind. Taking the time to listen to hunters share their exploits, was both exciting and informative. You learned how to set up your stand, what to look for, and more important, how to call in the prize. Days spent in the high county, tracking and living the dream, washed away every thing else. The time spent up here in the high country has become a part of the soul

All of these thoughts are shoved aside, the moment of truth awaits. The majestic animal is nervous, snorting loudly he shakes his mighty antlers, rattling the brush with his power, looking for his challenger. With the release of breath, you release the arrow. The arrow flies true striking the kill zone, startled, he jumps a few paces, wondering what happened. He does not go far, time to go and gather your prize. What a hunt.