Big Game Hunting – Enjoy the Thrill

´╗┐Big Game Hunting – Enjoy the Thrill

New Mexico has certainly became a big game mecca for hunters. Depending on your preference for a trophy you can choose from elk, sheep, mountain lion, bear, antelope and mule deer. Guided and unguided hunts are available through various outfitters. Prices range from $2000.00 up to $5000.00 per hunt. When required special hunts can be arranged and outfitters even cater to the handicapped for New Mexico big game hunting.

Hunts are scheduled months in advance as there is a quota for certain hunts in the conservation aspect. If going for the first time it would be very beneficial to hire an outfitter who is familiar with the area. It may be a little more costly, but , you will probably have a much better chance of success. Outfitters know where to look for each specific animal that you wish to hunt and are very familiar with their habits and traits in the wild. Most of the hunting is located in fairly rugged terrain and sometimes requires ATV, horse, and sometimes a lot of walking at elevations from 4000 up to 8000 feet. Make sure your physical well being is good. The duration of your hunt depends on the animal, hunts range from 3 days up to 12 days. Perhaps after one or two trips with a guide you will be able to hunt on your own if you prefer, New Mexico big game hunting at it’s best on your own.

In New Mexico at different times of the year you can hunt with different weapons. Archery, muzzle loaders, rifles, are the most common choice Naturally with a bow and muzzle loader you are going to be required to get closer than you would with a rifle. Sometimes the best hunting is from stalk and shoot basically. More excitement for the hunter and you can really feel like the good ole boys from the old west times. Stalking big game is a real adventure, especially for the first timer. When you have your guide to show you the ropes don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s what they are for. The guides usually live in the area and have guiding for several years. They know their area well and they also know what makes for an exciting hunt when pursuing big game in New Mexico.

You may also hire an outfitter and they will simply let you hunt on your own. They will supply some equipment for you such as a horse or other transportation to get you to the base camp and then you are on your own, roughing in in the wild, so to speak. They allow you a certain amount of days at your camp to do your hunting. They provide assistance when asked or needed, all this is included in the original hunt price. Assuming everything went well and you bagged your trophy game , the outfitter will help get your game ready for transport or whatever you desire to have done. Hopefully, you will have had your first New Mexico big game hunt and been successful enough to want to come back again and maybe bring some friends with you and let them experience the same excitement you have had at big game hunting in New Mexico.