Elk Hunting Equipment

Elk Hunting Equipment

You have seen other elk hunters having their trophy hunt displayed on the wall.
The pair of beautiful antlers that forms a display so magnificent that it stuns
you with the threatening looks from the head of the preserved bull. You have
been deeply inspired by the very rifle that your hunter host showed you that
killed the elk that is hanging on the wall in front of you. Your blood is
rushing under your skin, and you asked your host when the next trip to the
grounds is so that you hope he will bring you along too.

Before you knew it, he agreed to bring you on the next trip, but insisted you
to follow him along the whole preparation process so that you will enjoy the
most of the overall hunting process. Everything to start off hunting for elks
is best shown by guides or seasoned hunters to the beginners. Let’s see what is important to prepare before your first trip to the hunt.

The most important piece of equipment is of course your rifle. For a beginner
in hunting, buying a rifle is as simple as stepping into a fishing, game and
hunting shop to get your license done and you are off to choose the rifle that
suits your gaming needs. There are so many choices available, each with its own
unique properties that allows optimum performance throughout your hunt.

Rifles are graded by calibers, which will give both the bullet weight and speed
of the bullet to bring your kill down in the lowest number of shots made.
Popular choices for elk hunting are the .270, 7mm, .308, .300, and the .338
magnum. These caliber choices are a good combination of performance,
effectiveness, and user friendliness. There are choices of firing mechanism too
but the recommended still is the single bolt action rifle, which delivers more
power and the ease of use by beginners.

A good scope is also needed to sight your prey. When buying a rifle, make sure
that it is paired with a good scoping sight so that the bullets can really hit
the animal at a distance. There are choices like the variable scope, 2×7, 3×9,
or 4×16, which, choosing the best one is the only choice. Sighting in during
target practice is a must to calibrate the weapon of your choice. Taking
consideration of the weapon’s weight, a heavy gun like the .338 Magnum will not be a good choice for
hunting on foot as it will strain you all day.

Alright, now you have got your rifle ready to go to the out into the wild, it
is time to grab some clothes to protect you form the external elements. Proper
clothing plays an important part throughout the hunt. It is essential to keep
yourself warm and comfortable to make yourself concentrate on the hunt more.
There are also special camouflage patterns on clothing to avoid being detected
while stalking your prey.

Last but not least, is a set of outdoor tools that every hunter will prepare
when they go hunting. That will be their maps, compass, sleeping bags, mess
tins, and so on. These are the essentials for outdoor activities and especially
for hunting elks. A set of butchering knives is equally important as it will be
used to field dress an elk. A frame pack to carry your kill back is a must
otherwise you will need to divide the kill into multiple parts to lighten the
load then.

Equipment preparation is as important as to prepare your skills to hunt for
elks. Many newcomers did not prepare themselves well, often complains about a
bad experience of elk hunting, thus making them a one-time participation in the
game only. Take some time to prepare nicely and it is a guaranteed enjoyable
game of hunting.