Elk Hunting on a Budget

´╗┐Elk Hunting on a Budget

Like many types of hunting, elk hunting can be a very rewarding experience. The thrill of seeking out the quarry, getting close enough for the shot and then the excitement of bringing down one of the largest of the deer species cannot be beaten. The right equipment is a necessity as well, so we will talk here about your elk hunting budget.

Equipment and supplies are essential to the successful hunt and these can be a bit pricey. So you need to do two things first:
Set a hunting budget for what you will spend , and
Make a list of what you will need for that hunt.

These factors can vary depending on whether you go on an unguided or a guided hunt, the area you intend to hunt, how long you intend to stay afield and other factors. Of course, the proper firearm and ammunition are essentials and should constitute, in my humble opinion, at least 20% to 30% of that hunting budget.

For starters, concentrate on the basics that you MUST have, like warm clothing, boots, knife or field dressing kit, gloves, thermal socks, underwear and elk calls. You should be able to find these items at a local sporting goods store, but you can also shop online and find deals. Usually, you can find hunting budget busters at the end of the season and in the off season.

Secondary essentials can include fold up seats, portable stands and scent control items. These can also be found at local brick and mortar stores, but online shops can offer bargains. One thing you can do is look at the name brands of the items you need, then search out the same item in a secondary brand. You would be surprised at the money you can save by simply using a not so well-known brand.

When putting together your hunting budget, money can be saved in several ways. Using secondary brands us very god for saving money over the name brands. The same item that provides the same effect can cost up to 40% or 50% less in some cases. Don’t just pay for a name.

Look for kits that contain several items you are looking at. I did this last hunting season when I upgraded my scent control program. The individual items would have cost more than $50. I found a kit that included all of them PLUS a couple of other things for $37; a savings of about 17%.

Overall, it pays to simply be smart and not buy the first thing that you find. Do some research and find other types and brands that provide the same service. Even if you want to shop at a local storefront, go to their online site and check the inventory for availability. Saves you time and money traveling somewhere that doesn’t even have what you need on hand. Some places will have free shipping to the store nearest to you and you pick it up when it arrives, so you get the things you need all in one place and don’t even pay shipping costs. That can be significant to you as a cost saving maneuver.