Fall Hunting Safety Tips and Resources

´╗┐Fall Hunting Safety Tips and Resources

The Northwest fall hunting season is getting started, and outdoorsmen across the region are preparing to take down deer, elk, game birds, black bears, and cougars. Now is the time to get your permits squared away and your hunting gear ready. Hunters have a lot to keep track of: season dates, reporting requirements and the latest hunting safety regulations. Here are some hunting tips and online resources to help you get ready for the fall hunting season.

Proper Hunting GearChoosing the best hunting gear is an important part of practicing good hunting safety and also makes you more efficient in the field. Here’s a checklist of things to bring:

Blaze orange clothing. Almost all states require hunters to wear some sort of orange clothing, usually a vest. This way, hunters can keep tabs on each other in the field and prevent themselves from becoming a target.

Hunting knives. Two good hunting knives, plus a sharpening stone, are recommended for field dressing and basic survival gear.

LED Flashlight. Another essential survival tool.

Other hunting gear to include on your fall hunting checklist:– a small hand saw — 50 ft. of nylon rope — water– food to last at least one day– batteries– matches– maps– compass– whistle– small mirror– firearm and ammunition or bow and arrows– orange flagging ribbon– $20– first aid kit– emergency blanket– cell phone– battery-operated alarm clock– binoculars

Hunting Agencies and Online Resources

Your state’s fish and game website is usually the best resource for the Northwest fall hunting season. These sites are hubs for obtaining licenses and permits, finding season start and end dates, getting updates on the latest regulations, and checking local forecast news.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website includes a new Oregon Hunting Map, which shows access locations by species, and allows you to record your hunt, log preference points, and keep track of hunt applications, draw results, season closures, and tag sale deadlines.

Other agencies and online hunting resources:

— Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife– Idaho Fish and Game– Alaska Department of Fish and Game– Hunting Washington: a forum where hunters share tips and information, discuss their catch, upload photos, and exchange favorite recipes with other seasoned hunters.– Northwest Sportsman: an online edition of Northwest Sportsman magazine. It’s a great site for the latest Northwest fishing and hunting news as well as hunting tips and advice from expert hunters.– HuntingNet.com. Its focus isn’t specifically the Northwest, but this site features news, journal entries, articles and advice from hunting pros, and a community forum where hunters can share their experiences.

As any experienced hunter knows, preparation is crucial to success in the field. Whether you’re an expert hunter or a beginner, you can stay on top of your game by regularly reading up on hunting information.