Feel the excitement in archery elk hunting

´╗┐Feel the excitement in archery elk hunting

One of the best ways to hunt elk at close quarters that can literally allow you to look into its eyes while feeling its moist breath upon you is to engage inarchery elk hunting. You will need to develop your archery skills since you will only get one chance to shoot your arrow once you reach quite close to an unsuspecting elk.

You can choose from the many designs of bows and crossbows available in hunting or online stores. However, you should make sure that crossbow hunting is allowed in the area that you plan to hunt since such bows are banned in certain states. You will firstly need to practice shooting arrows from various positions and distances on stationary and moving targets so as to get a feel of the bow, rest and sights. You should also have easy access to your arrows by keeping only a few in your quiver so that it does not slow you down during yourarchery elk hunting adventure. You will certainly need a high level of fitness when you want to hunt elk with a bow and arrow since you will need to stalk, run and shoot an elk while carrying your hunting equipment with you at all times.

Unlike shooting with a gun, which can shoot elk from quite a distance, you will need to stalk an elk within a distance of around 20 to 50 yards for a clean shot. You can also attract elk towards you by cow calling and bugling techniques so as to ambush it when it is quite near. A clean shot through the elk’s lungs with a carbon or aluminum arrow should do the job and drop the elk within a few yards after a shot. The fun in archery elk hunting is the stalking, waiting and readying for a shot when a bull gets quite close for comfort. This is sure to get your adrenaline pumping in your body even as your heartbeat sounds like a freight-train roaring past your body.

There are several states that allow archery elk hunting such as New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, California, Washington, etc. All hunting has to be done in designated areas only and that too only after obtaining necessary permits from forest and other authorities. If you are new to archery hunting then you should hire an expert hunter that will not only teach you archery skills but also arrange for your stay, provide you with the required equipment and also take you on a hunting expedition within the designated areas. You will virtually eliminate any chances of an error while having fun in stalking and hunting elk in a way that you always dreamt about. Many guides also allow children to accompany adults and you too could take your excited kids for a hunt and teach them the ways of the wild during your hunting adventure.

You are sure to end up with a thrilling experience when you opt for archery elkhunting. All you will need to do is to polish up your archery skills and shoot accurately up to 50 yards in various positions and weather conditions. This will make you ready for an actual kill when you crouch along a path in wait for a bull to pass along or attract it with a call. You will surely end up with a wonderful trophy and an exciting story to tell your loved ones once you hunt an elk with your bow and arrow.