Finding the Best and Cost-Efficient Venues For Your Wedding

´╗┐Finding the Best and Cost-Efficient Venues For Your Wedding

If you are lucky, your wedding day only comes once in a lifetime and you don’t get to do it over. Therefore everything must be perfect the first time. Flowers, food, decorations, photographs and venue should all be spectacular. Unfortunately, these things often come at a premium. Money is usually the biggest issue when planning a wedding and no one wants to settle for second best because of money. One way to save in your wedding planning is to choose an affordable location.

If you use your imagination and spend some time searching, low cost or even free venues are available to host your wedding.


If you are a religious person and a regular member of a church, you can often utilize church facilities for your wedding. The church usually doesn’t charge and instead will just except a donation of what you can afford.


If the weather will cooperate with your plans, an outdoor wedding can make a spectacular venue. A relative with a big backyard can supply your location for free. Often, flowers will already be on hand if in season. Add a few chairs and an altar and you are ready to for next to nothing.

Parks are another option that can be utilized for cheap. Just check with the town or state for their rules and regulations concerning wedding ceremonies. Remember to book early since these sites are in demand. Beach weddings are also becoming popular. Just like parks, they will have their own rules and requirements.


If you or a close relative are members of any organizations, you can often utilize their facilities for free or little cost. Organizations such as the VFW, Kiwanis, Lions, Elks, etc. often have meeting halls available that are perfect for weddings.

Take the time to find a cheap venue and save your money for the important things. Years from now the venue will long be forgotten, but those wedding pictures will still be prominently displayed. Spend the money on a good photographer and a beautiful dress and reap the rewards for a lifetime.