Game Hunting – Are You Ready

´╗┐Game Hunting – Are You Ready?

Game hunting can of course be very dangerous without the right equipment. A bear wounded by a poor choice of weapon is probably going to attack. Its not unheard of for a wounded deer to turn on its attacker either.

Before you go big game hunting you should be a proficient shot with your guns or bows. Many big game hunters will tell you they honed their skills hunting small game such as fowl or pheasant before moving onto big game hunting such as deer.

The reason they advise small game first is twofold. First, chances are a hit on small game is going to result in a clean kill. Second, once you can hit say a squirrel a distance, then you are much more likely to able to make a clean kill shot when it comes to big game hunting such as bear deer or elk. A poor shot hunting big game puts himself at risk from attack and the animal at risk of a slow death by infection from it wounds.

Being a good shot, while important, is only a part of hunting though. Understanding the animal you hunt is also a must have skill if the hunt is to be a successful one. You will need a good understanding of its habits and where your prey likes to go. Being able to spot your preys tracks and understand and read them is a great skill that comes with study and experience.

Its not all running through the woods though tracking and hunting. Much big game hunting is done from a stand, either on the ground or from within a tree. This type of game hunting requires great patience and determination as you can find yourself stood quietly in position for many, many hours waiting for your prey.

Another important factor of course, is your equipment. You must have the right weapon for the game you hunt otherwise you put yourself at risk from a wounded animal and the animal at risk of a slow death. If you are bow hunting make sure it has a draw weight packing a big enough punch to make the clean kill on your chosen target.

Their are many different makes, variations and models of hunting rifle available today and the choice you make will be entirely based on the prey you hunt. Famous brands like the Winchester and Remington as well as relatively unknown brands like the Sakko 75 hunting rifle and the Tikka T3. Weatherby and Ruger are also rifles which are used by some hunters. Whichever hunting rifle you use, just make sure it is suitable for the game you hunt.

Pitting your wits against prey in its own environment is what makes hunting so thrilling. From the moment you spot that track until you have your target in your sights, your heart will be racing with adrenalin. Having the correct equipment with you will help ensure the days game hunting is a successful one.