Gears for Hunting Elk

Gears for Elk Hunting

The gear required for elk hunting depends upon the accommodation planned for
the hunt. If camping in the wilderness is the option, the gear required would
definitely be substantially more. Here is a basic list of things needed for a
self-guided elk hunt for a three-person hunt team:

1. Camp needs
2 tents
3 sleeping bags
1 cook stove (can be propane stove)
3 sets eating utensils
1 set cooking utensils
1 heating stove (optional)
1 tarp
1 5-gallon water jug
1 large basin for dishes
1 portable table and chairs
2 gas lanterns
1 shovel for latrine

2. Survival Kit
1 space blanket
1 day food supply (dried food)
1 pack waterproof matches
1 20-feet nylon rope
1 day liquid supply
1 pack freshwater tabs (iodine) and/or portable water purifier
1 roll duct tape
1 cigarette lighter
1 first-aid kit
2 water bottles

Hunting gear (weaponry)
1 rifle with scope and sling (may want to have a backup rifle in case scope
2 boxes of ammunition (plus extra ammunition)
2 smaller sharp knives
1 large hunting knife
1 knife sharpener
1 belt saw for bone
1 hatchet
1 gun-cleaning kit
1 all purpose tool

Location and directional needs
1 pair of binoculars (or more)
1 compass or GPS or both
1 roll of orange fluorescent surveyors tape
1 small flashlight with batteries and extra batteries

5. Game “packaging” needs
1 sturdy frame for packing
1 sturdy length of rope for tying quarters to frame-pack
1 sturdy length of rope for hanging quarters
1 big game bag for covering and protecting meat or 4 game bags for each quarter
1 large can of black pepper (to cover fresh elk meat to ward off flies and
other insects)

6. Personal needs
1 pair of waterproof boots
1 pair of insulated waterproof boots (in case there’s snow)
1 pair of hiking shoes (for warmer days or after hunting)
regular socks for length of stay (warm weather)
heavy socks for length of stay (cold weather)
clothing for length of stay (warm weather)
clothing for length of stay (cold weather)
1 set rain gear
baseball-type cap for warmer days
insulated hat for colder days
1 pair of warm hunting gloves
1 small bottle of aspirin
1 bottle of elk scent
1 bottle of scent eliminator
elk call – bugle or cow call
1 florescent clothing as state requirement
1 thermos bottle
1 can of pepper spray

There is of course other consideration such as transportation and the duration
of stay to determine how much gear to carry. Thorough planning will eliminate
the need to leave campsite to top-up any of the basic needs.