Good Elk Hunting on Public Land in Utah

´╗┐Good Elk Hunting on Public Land in Utah

This is the burning question many out-of-state hunters want to know. There’s two different types of hunts in Utah for elk. There’s the ‘any bull’ hunt then there’s the ‘spike only.’ We’ll talk about where to go for both of these hunts.

Spike Only: This type of hunt covers much more of the state then the ‘any bull’ hunt.

1. Strawberry: Strawberry has been famous for hunting elk for decades because of the shear numbers of elk that thrive here. This area is also famous for growing big fish in the famous Strawberry Reservoir. Just about anywhere is great hunting in this area however the north side of Strawberry holds more elk in my opinion.

2. Monroe: This place I talked about before as being famous for the size of the elk and the shear numbers that thrive here as well. If you’re looking to fill your spike tag then Monroe is a great place. Be fore warned though this place is extremely popular so I would plan on hunting the weekdays to avoid the masses of people that hunt here during the general rifle season.

Any Bull:

1. Kamas: This area has been an ‘any bull’ since Utah switched over to the ‘any bull’ – ‘spike only’ system. Kamas holds some big elk merely because of the steep, extremely rugged country that makes up Kamas. If you’re planning on hunting this area make sure you have access to horses or plan on spending a couple of days getting your elk out.

Utah changes the boundaries of these hunts it seems almost every year so make sure you check the proclamation before you decide on a place to go.