Good Places to Hunt Elk in Colorado

´╗┐Good Places to Hunt Elk in Colorado

What are some good places to hunt elk in Colorado? Well, here are a few of your options.

Public lands are a great option for hunting elk in Colorado. These lands include the White River National Forest, the San Juan National Forest, and the bear’s ear part of the Routt National Forest. In any one of these three, you have a very good chance of getting an elk. Public hunting land in Colorado is very plentiful and easily accessible for most elk hunters.

If you have the opportunity to hunt private lands in Colorado, this can be a great option. There is a lot of private land available but finding it and getting permission to hunt on it, is another story. Most land owners will charge a fee but, that being said, it can be done. You won’t have as many hunters to compete with if you are hunting on private land, plus, much private land backs up to BLM land.

Of all the good places to hunt elk in Colorado, don’t overlook BLM land. BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management. A lot of times BLM land has been donated to the government by land owners. Some of this land is only accessible through private property. Now if you can find private land with BLM land surrounding it, you’ve found yourself a great place to hunt.

So there are definitely some good places to hunt elk in Colorado. But just remember, no matter where you decide to hunt elk, whether its public or private, you need to make sure you contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife and get the appropriate licenses and information that you will need. Getting yourself prepared ahead of time is crucial for a successful hunt.