Gunnison Mountain Biking – A Bikers Paradise

´╗┐Gunnison Mountain Biking – A Bikers Paradise

Gunnison lies just 30 minutes from Crested Butte. It is a small town in Colorado that hides all its glory within itself. It has a certain small town charm and friendliness attached to it that you cannot miss. The town buzzes every summer and fall with activity. Trout fishing, camping, rafting, hunting and our very own mountain biking are some of the activities this small town in Colorado has to offer.

The Trails – Hartman’s Rocks

Hartman’s rocks are a great way to get your body adjusted to the mood. There are more than 25 trails in the area that will keep even the best of the bikers amused. It has short length, mid length and long trails as well. Once you are through with this area, you can enter proper Gunnison mountain biking region.

The Trails – Deadman Gulch

Enter the Deadman Gulch Trail, a 20 mile splendor which has burning climbs, monstrous descends and technical single-track. You can have a great view of the historic Elk Mountains. Large amount of exposed roots and rocks will make your ride even tougher.

The Trails – Deer Creek Trail

The bigger and harder version of this lies in the Deer Creek Trail. After a grueling but short climb through the aspens, you will have the longest stretch of single-track that any single trail has in the Gunnison area. This 29 miles trail is used for cattle grazing towards the end of the mountain biking season and hence you will find it ripped.

Other Trails

The water Gulch mountain biking trail is also a pretty easy 10-mile trail in Gunnison. You will reach Carson if you take this trail. You can go to the Continental divide from here.

The Strand hill trail is another short 8-mile trail, which has a stunning view of mountainous terrain and magnificent aspen groves. Then you have the 24 miles Lost Canyon mountain biking trail. This may take from 3 hours to 5 hours or more depending on your speed. It has a few steep rocky climbs, which will test the best of bikers.

The McIntosh Loop Mountain Biking Trail is a 35-mile trail that has everything you desire in terms of visual beauty. It passes through old logging roads and gives you a great view of the Elk Mountains. Follow the old jeep roads and drive up while having a look at the Gunnison valley.

It would be impossible to cover all the remaining trails of Gunnison Colorado in one single article. When you reach the place, check in any local store and you should find a good map with some solid info on the trails. Happy mountain biking!