Hunting With a Compound Bow

´╗┐Hunting With a Compound Bow

The thrill of hunting is something that many people enjoy. Throughout Western Canada there are opportunities to go out into the wilderness and stalk a prey. Using cunning and patience to keep downwind of an elk or deer there are a number of hunters that enjoy testing their skill with a compound bow. Calgary residents that have mastered the hunt and want to experience the raw feeling of going up against an animal without the aid of a rifle and scope have embraced the sport of bow hunting. Often sitting quietly in a hide for hours on end as they wait for their quarry to wander by, the exhilaration of hunting with a compound bow has many Calgary residents looking forward to annual hunt.

In an almost primal sense of hunter against nature, the use of the bow requires a great deal of strength and stamina to use. Drawing back the string to create the needed tension and leverage to bring down a buck requires a lot of muscle and practice. Dating back thousands of years archery is a noble sport that has withstood the test of time. Choosing the right moment to let the arrow fly from their compound bow Calgary hunters that are looking for the ultimate kill are finding that there is a lot more to bow hunting than there is to using a muzzle loader or a shotgun to hunt. From a high mounted hide that is elevated above the ground the bow hunter must be at a close range in order to complete their mission and bring down their prey. Where rifles and shotguns can be used with accuracy at a distance, there is much more skill required when hunting with a bow.