Black Powder Hunting – A Hobby Worthy of You

Black Powder Hunting – A Hobby Worthy of You? Is Black Powder hunting a worthy hobby of You or just another outdoors activity? Many think that hunting is for those bored individuals looking to spice up their life at the cost of animal life, but that is a clear misinterpretation. With fossil evidence of hunting […]

Gears for Hunting Elk

Gears for Elk Hunting The gear required for elk hunting depends upon the accommodation planned for the hunt. If camping in the wilderness is the option, the gear required would definitely be substantially more. Here is a basic list of things needed for a self-guided elk hunt for a three-person hunt team: 1. Camp needs […]

Spotting and Stalking Elk

Spotting and Stalking Elk Elk hunting is getting more and more popular among us over the past decades. This traditional hobby has not faced its end as the ever growing numbers of beginner hunters are still growing over the years. With a good game of elk hunting and prizes of nutritious elk meat that claims […]

Game Hunting – Are You Ready

Game Hunting – Are You Ready? Game hunting can of course be very dangerous without the right equipment. A bear wounded by a poor choice of weapon is probably going to attack. Its not unheard of for a wounded deer to turn on its attacker either. Before you go big game hunting you should be […]

Black Bears, Blackberries and the Time of Your Life

Black Bears, Blackberries and the Time of Your Life I am an outdoor super-enthusiast and a technophile. I once thought this was a rare combination but just recently I’ve discovered there are lots of us around. I’m a little disappointed in this new discovery because I really wanted to be different but looking at the […]

Fun Bow Hunting Stories

Fun Bow Hunting Stories A man and his friend were bow hunting elk in the Colorado mountains near Stoner Colorado. They rode their horse’s from early morning until late evening. The high mountain terrain was very rough with tree’s blown down and large boulders in the path. Their horse’s had to step very carefully or […]

Six Great Things To Do In Northwest Montana

Six Great Things To Do In Northwest Montana Northwest Montana is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the western Rocky Mountains, and if you’re planning a visit here are six things that you should check out. Obviously, most of these things revolve around the outdoors, mostly because Northwest Montana is all about […]

Fly Fishing in Oregon’s Fall River

Fly Fishing in Oregon’s Fall River You may not have seen an uglier imitation of a natural bug in your life, and hopefully you never will. In fact, the world’s leading entomologist would’ve had a hard time determining what I was trying to duplicate with this fly. It was by far the sloppiest attempt at […]