Best Caliber For Elk Hunting

Best Caliber For Elk Hunting What is the best caliber for elk hunting? This is an age old question that has been debated over many years by many hunting experts. When you talk about rifles and calibers it can get downright personal and emotional for some folks. The truth is that you want a caliber […]

Elk Population Facts and Statistics For the United States

Elk Population Facts and Statistics For the United States The elk population in the United States today is well over 1,000,000 animals, with the population growing fairly steadily since a population count was made in 1975, at which time the estimated population was just over 500,000. Even though a population count taken every five years […]

Elk Hunting2

Elk Hunting Elk hunting requires intensive study and practice. Elks live in large herds in the woods, and the Rocky Mountains and hills of North America and Europe. Since they live in association with deer, they are most often mistaken by the hunters during the hunt. Elks are hunted for their meat, nutritive velvet antlers […]

Becoming a Successful Elk Caller

Becoming a Successful Elk Caller Sometimes, it simply is not enough to find a good spot and wait or even use a game camera. Elk are spooky creatures that will leave an area at the slightest provocation, even if it is only to find a preferred food source somewhere else. At times like that, you […]

Own Your Outdoor Dreamland in Oklahoma

Own Your Outdoor Dreamland in Oklahoma Own your own outdoor space in one of America’s finest countryside locations. Scenic and rich with wildlife, good weather and rich soil, ideal for a home, hunting ground or ranching; own one of the undeveloped Oklahoma lands and turn it into what you love most. After a century since […]

Elk Hunting Tips3

Elk Hunting Tips The United States does not offer the wide array of big game hunting that other lesser developed countries have. However, there are still a few larger animals plentiful enough to hunt on this continent. Elk is good example of one of these types of large mammal that is domestic to the contiguous […]

Become a Better Bow Hunter

Become a Better Bow Hunter Shoot Under Pressure It may sound silly but hunting is a sport and you the hunter are athletes. It is very important to train you body to handle those activities that you will encounter in the field. For this workout you will need your bow and a field or and […]

Elk Hunting Tips1

Elk Hunting Tips Despite being one of the largest game animals around, elk are rarely clumsy or careless, sometimes making them the complete opposite of the hunters that go after them. The most successful elk hunters have careful, planned hunts, aiming to take advantage of an elk’s behaviors to take home an elk. One of […]

Must Have Hunting Tips

Must Have Hunting Tips As primitive as the days when man was armed only with a sharpened rock primitively fastened onto a long stick; the act of hunting is embedded within us all. We have a desire, a need, an instinct if you will to arm ourselves with bows and arrows or firearms and ammunition, […]