The Sport Of Elk Hunting – Doing It The Traditional Way

´╗┐The Sport Of Elk Hunting – Doing It The Traditional Way!

For many hunters, the sport of elk hunting is challenging enough, but many like to add another element of their hunt by using black powder cartridge rifles. When using the black powder cartridge the hunter channels ancestors past and their traditional hunting techniques. While using black powder cartridges is too messy for some what with the black powder, it is actually a much more precise and efficient method for hunting. The black powder cartridge rifle takes a lot of practice and dedication to master, but for many hunters it is just the perfect hobby to kill their boredom in the off-season. A hunter who chooses this method to take his game will no doubt spend hours practicing, but his trophy will be that much more satisfying.

For the hunter wanting to try out black powder cartridge rifles, there are a few decisions he’ll need to make. The first will be which type of rifle he wants to use. There are many options to consider; caliber, butt stock, rifle length, sights, and component selection. A hunter will also need to learn to load his own ammunition. While it may sound daunting, many hunters actually even prefer to cast their own bullets they enjoy the process so much.

Not only will the hunter using a black powder cartridge need to practice handling his rifle and ammunition, he’ll also need to practice with it in the field. When elk hunting, smooth and quick handling is of utmost importance; a hunter often only has a few moments to make his perfect shot, so he must use those few fleeting moments as best as he can.

Another very important step is cleaning your black powder cartridge rifle. The black powder can be very messy and will settle on your gun, and after much use, will begin to harden. It must be one of the hunter’s top priorities to clean his gun as soon as he can after using it. Many hunters even like to use a blow tube to keep the powder from hardening until they get a chance to clean it thoroughly. If the powder is allowed to harden, it can be a disaster and completely skew a hunter’s shot. There are also many kits available a hunter can use to clean his gun. The proper care and cleaning of black powder cartridge rifles is of utmost importance when a hunter engages in this very fun and rewarding practice that channels the hunters that came before him.