The Zebra Skin Rug – The Most Distinctive of Animal Hide Rugs

´╗┐The Zebra Skin Rug – The Most Distinctive of Animal Hide Rugs

Interior designing or decorating is a way of expressing one’s inner self without the use of words, but with physical items that represent the person’s passions or dreams. A good example of this would be someone having a painting or picture of a beautiful island that they once visited or would like to visit.

It doesn’t end there

Just think of how many times you have walked into someone’s home and admired their intricate sculptures, hand carved furniture, autographed pictures of celebrities or all sorts of animal mounts, especially in the home of a hunter.

A hunter’s most admired trophy

If you have ever had the pleasure of stepping into a hunter’s home, then you know how much they treasure their animal trophies. You’d usually see deer or elk antlers and what not hanging off the walls or stacked away in the garage. But guess what, there is one foreign piece you don’t see often.

The exotic animal rug

Can you guess what it is? It is none other than, an authentic African zebra hide rug. A zebra coat is so unique that no other animal has a pelt like it. The pattern or design is as original as animal pelts can get. Why do you think it is the one pattern that is emulated when making faux rugs?

A little info on zebra rugs

Rugs from non-endangered Burchell’s zebras are large in size on average, which mostly depends on the animal they come from. The measurements are approximately eight feet by five feet respectively. These measurements are taken from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail and across the belly. If the legs are included, the width is longer by one foot or so.

Buying one

There are numerous places where these rugs are sold. One of the most common places is websites. There are a ton of websites that sell very good and high quality zebra rugs. There is one thing you need to know before you decide to buy one, make sure you are well informed about everything that is involved with purchasing a real zebra skin rug.