Western Elk Hunting (Research)2

´╗┐Western Elk Hunting (Research)

Drawing an Elk tag east of the Mississippi is a real long shot. In the sport of archery elk hunting you need to take every advantage possible to getting the license that is required. In my state of Michigan, and in many other states such as; Arkansas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania your chances of drawing a tag are very slim, so why not go west and increase your chances of bagging a big bull elk. I’ve done some research to get you in the right direction and possibly make it easier to claim your license for your archery elk hunt.

Elk PopulationAndLicense Fee

1. Arizona: Herd Population…35,000—-License Nonresident…$400Check out the website (gf.state.az.us/h_f/hunting_units.shtml) for Arizona Game and Fish.

2. Colorado: Herd Population…270,000—License Nonresident…$490.25Check out the website (wildlife.state.co.us) or (wildlife.state.co.us/swa).

3. Idaho: Herd Population…125,000—License Nonresident…$338.50Check out the website (fishandgame.idaho.gov)

4. Montana: Herd Population…138,000—License Nonresident…$640.25Check out the website (fwp.stae.mt.us/hunting/hunteraccess/public.html#montana)

5. New Mexico: Herd Population…70,000—License Nonresident…$481Check out the website (wildlife.state.nm.us) or phone 505-476-8000.

6. Utah: Herd Population…60,000—License Nonresident…$795Download a free book (wildlife.utah.gov/publications) Wildlife Lands in Utah.

7. Wyoming: Herd Population…100,000—License Nonresident…$400Check out the website (gf.state.wy.us/wildlife/applications/index) Or call 307-777-4600.

Research Done On2004-2005

The herd population estimates were courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation … (rmef.org)

I hope that these suggestions for your archery elk hunting expedition will be helpful to your success. Don’t forget to take the proper equipment for your elk hunt, which will more than likely take you into the mountains. Special equipment may include: good binoculars or spotting scope, hiking boots, warm clothing, camouflage, back pack, elk calls, heavier arrows or broadheads. These are just a few suggestions of the many items that should be on your list for that special bowhunting elk trip. GOOD LUCK and don’t forget to shop the internet for your special needs.