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Elk Hunting Tips3

Elk Hunting Tips The United States does not offer the wide array of big game hunting that other lesser developed countries have. However, there are still a few larger animals plentiful enough to hunt on this continent. Elk is good example of one of these types of large mammal that is domestic to the contiguous […]

Become a Better Bow Hunter

Become a Better Bow Hunter Shoot Under Pressure It may sound silly but hunting is a sport and you the hunter are athletes. It is very important to train you body to handle those activities that you will encounter in the field. For this workout you will need your bow and a field or and […]

Elk Hunting Tips1

Elk Hunting Tips Despite being one of the largest game animals around, elk are rarely clumsy or careless, sometimes making them the complete opposite of the hunters that go after them. The most successful elk hunters have careful, planned hunts, aiming to take advantage of an elk’s behaviors to take home an elk. One of […]

Must Have Hunting Tips

Must Have Hunting Tips As primitive as the days when man was armed only with a sharpened rock primitively fastened onto a long stick; the act of hunting is embedded within us all. We have a desire, a need, an instinct if you will to arm ourselves with bows and arrows or firearms and ammunition, […]

Be Prepared – Packing for Elk and Deer Hunts

Be Prepared – Packing for Elk and Deer Hunts Whenever you venture into the wilderness – even if it’s no wilder than your state park – you need to make sure you’re well prepared for any eventuality. If you’re going on a guided hunt, your outfitter will probably give you a list of suggested items […]

Elk Hunting Outfitters – How To Find An Accredited Outfitter

Elk Hunting Outfitters – How To Find An Accredited Outfitter For many elk hunters, finding a reputable elk hunting outfitter is his number one challenge, and his best investment. For those dreaming of bagging big game in big states like Wyoming, Montana, or others, enlisting the help of a guide service will become essential. A […]