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Arizona Elk Hunting

Arizona Elk Hunting Just like various game species throughout North America, the sport of Arizona elk hunting has endured numerous fluctuations. In 1893 the territorial legislature imposed a closed season, but this restriction was already too late. The native elk population had already been eradicated. Transplants So where did the elk that are there now […]

Elk Hunting Gear List – Don’t Forget One of These

Elk Hunting Gear List – Don’t Forget One of These! An Elk hunting gear checklist is a must have before embarking on an elk hunt. You sure don’t want to forget anything. And knowing what specific things you need on that list is even more important. I learned that the hard way. Boo (my horse) […]

Elk Hunting Equipment

Elk Hunting Equipment You have seen other elk hunters having their trophy hunt displayed on the wall. The pair of beautiful antlers that forms a display so magnificent that it stuns you with the threatening looks from the head of the preserved bull. You have been deeply inspired by the very rifle that your hunter […]

Indian Knowledge and Frauds

Indian Knowledge and Frauds Iktomi: Another and somewhat longer term correspondent of mine is a Lakota Sioux Traditionalist in the adopted family of Fool’s Crow or Black Elk. There are many New Age Indian gurus which I have asked her about, including Red Elk. Here is her response to one of these people’s message. The […]

Installing Enhanced Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles

Installing Enhanced Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles Installing professional looking hip and ridge shingles takes matching up the hip and ridge cap to the shingles that are on the roof. Using the 3 tab shingles that do not match the main shingle is a disservice to the homeowner and also makes the roof look bad […]

Hunting With Montana Decoys

Hunting With Montana Decoys It’s a matter of fact that some sportsmen just haven’t yet mastered the art of decoying. It’s a matter of fact that most hunters haven’t even given it a try. In Montana – hunting game with decoys is nothing new. Hunters have now just jumped on the bandwagon with attempting to […]

Are You the One to Hunt With a Recurve

Are You the One to Hunt With a Recurve? This is the spot you scouted all summer, the pay out is close at hand. You have spent the last five hours in the stand, cramping your nerves along with the muscles. The wind comes off the slight snow floor bringing the cold of winter. The […]

Hunting Tips For the Novice Outdoorsman

Hunting Tips For the Novice Outdoorsman If you plan a winter hunt when it might snow, don’t purchase a white SUV or 4 wheel drive pickup. You want to be able to find your vehicle in a blizzard. Leave a hunting plan with a relative. Cell phone service is spotty in many mountainous areas where […]