Getting Started With Elk Hunting

´╗┐Getting Started With Elk Hunting

Take Colorado for instance. Its home to a large range of wild animals and contains numerous gorgeous mountain ranges. Elk hunting proves to be among the most beloved activities in this state. It’s a test of skill, physical aptitude, and patience. Yet in utilizing the proper location, the best point in the year, and with the correct gear, nearly any sportsman will enjoy a victorious hunt.

The right gear is necessary so that you can fill your tags, in practically all endeavors. The sex of the elk that you are after, as well as the season of the year that it is, will determine the kind of elk call necessary. A large range of Elk calls exist, from squeezable calls, to small mouth calls, to electronic calls. A bugle might be required to achieve the necessary superior sound quality, where bulls are concerned. Often ignored, scent is important in hunting elk. You must attempt to hide the human smell contained on your clothes. Yet, the smell of a cow in heat’s urine may bring the large bull elk to you.

The season you seek to hunt elk in matters too. Elk experience a variety of different rut phases. Typically going from mid-August until the first week in September, the first type is the pre-rut. Bulls begin to show their dominance and velvet sheds from the horns. Second is the primary breeding stage, and this bugling attains its highest point from the first to the third week of September. Following the primary breeding stage is the first resting stage, and this goes from the second week of September until the first week of October. At this season, the bulls are having a break from breeding, chasing cows, and fighting. After the break ends, bulls start the second breeding point, which goes from the first to the third week of October. As previously, this stage is followed by yet a second resting stage beginning following the third week of October. Lastly comes a final breeding stage running from late October until early November. In this stage, the bull elk turn out to be less aggressive, and they prove to be more difficult to bring in with a call.

The location that you choose to hunt proves to be a second critical facet for a victorious hunt. Colorado possesses among the finest hunting environments in all North America. It contains a large variety of mountainous regions to travel and areas which are appropriately called “”trophy units””. Fewer hunters and bigger bull elk occupy a “”trophy unit””.

Scouting out the locale that you plan to hunt in advance of the fall hunting season always turns out to be a smart plan. So prepare early for a fall hunt.

Hunting Elk can be challenging. And yet, with the proper gear, the best location, and in the right season, any hunter is able to have a victorious and secure hunting experience.