Tying Your Flies For Fishing

Tying Your Flies For Fishing

Fisherman have been tying flies for centuries and tying your own flies to use fly fishing is enjoyable and a great experience. When you are tying flies for fly fishing, you can make the flies look very realistic and the fly will lure the fish to the bait.

Tying flies is not as difficult as one might think; precision is the key to tying a realistic fly. Fly patterns are the patterns or pictures of different types of flies and when tying flies you should have either a picture or pattern. These can be found in books, internet and other places.

There are basic tools needed to tie flies, the most important is the vise. The vise acts like another hand or arm and holds the hook in place. Some other tools are scissors and pliers. Materials are hooks different shapes and sizes, hackle feathers, fur from deer or elk and thread. A weight is also required and usually made of glass, beads or bras.

When tying flies start out by wrapping thread around your hook and then add fur and feathers as you securely tie these materials to the hook. Continue to add materials until you achieve the look you are going for. This is just a general idea in what is involved tying your flies for fishing.

Once the basic techniques of tying flies is learned, it can be a great way to bring you more in to the fly fishing experience and now you are ready to lure a fish to your fly and catch an award winning fish.